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Letting it all hang out

Out There
Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, Co Colorado

Sometimes, do you just want to be inappropriate?

Don’t you ever feel like yelling your thoughts into a crowded room or talking in detail about all matters personal?

I certainly do.

And I’m always glad to take that leap ” at least vicariously.

This weekend, you see, I experienced a one-two punch of one-person shows. On Saturday, it was Cindy Pierce, performing “Finding the Doorbell,” a gutsy hour and change about what it’s like to be a woman. She got graphic about orgasms and libidos and birthing, even. As I laughed out loud, it was nice to hear a crowded room of thankful ladies doing the same. To watch someone dare to speak of such embarrassment, to be so self-deprecating, was refreshing like you wouldn’t believe.

On Sunday, I saw the awesomely angry Henry Rollins. He, too, took the risk to cover issues that make people squirm. Sure, he got uproarious applause when he spoke out against the war. Yet, when he mentioned other things, specifically a sexual encounter he may or may not have had while hitchhiking, nearly all the dudes in the audience fell silent. I loved it. I’m sure he could feel the discomfort in the air, but he just kept going, barreling into it until the guys watching had no choice but to accept what he was saying. If the man wasn’t so thoroughly against the idea of hugs, I would have considered jumping on stage and giving him one.

It’s those honest moments that I eat up. Suddenly, it’s like what’s normally inappropriate just isn’t anymore. Instead, it’s beautiful. For a bright little flash of time, a crowd is actually applauding someone for stepping away from the status quo ” instead of damning them.

I can’t get enough of that freedom.

Luckily, tonight, there’s yet another one-man show in this valley. Aspen’s own Barry Smith will be doing his multi-media-enhanced, autobiographical piece, “American Squatter” at Steve’s Guitars. I’ve never seen the thing, but if I know anything about Smith, it’s that his performance will be honest and kind of different, not raunchy but definitely lacking in some face-saving veneer. Like all my favorite performers, he’ll hopefully take the opportunity to say those things that most people just won’t.

You’ve got to know I’ll be there to listen.

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