Liberals need to get the message |

Liberals need to get the message

Dick Bradley

Dear Editor,

Every since the midterm election results rolled in, we have been deluged by a steady parade of whiney liberals attempting to give their version of why the Dems got kicked so thoroughly in this election. The Thanksgiving edition of the Post Independent actually featured a pathetic column authored by Hal Sundin giving his pitiful rendition of this recent massacre. Please Harold, wake up and smell the coffee!

Hal and a myriad other whiney liberals have refused to accept the will of the people. In an act of complete desperation, they have attempted to convince the voters that we really didn’t understand what we were doing when we went to the polls a few weeks ago.

The general theory of the whiney liberal movement is based on three concepts: People didn’t vote because the TV had negative ads, Bush skillfully manipulated American voters, and the Dems failed to present a clear message of what they stand for. Imagine that! It was only about a year ago that Bush was just a stupid hick who couldn’t even communicate intelligently. Now he is the master of deception and was able to dupe the entire country.

How about a different view of this issue? It is not that the Dems failed to present a clear message to the voters of what it stands for. There is another much more plausible explanation for the results of this election and the overall demise of the Democratic Party. It is obvious that their message is simply bogus!

Maybe Americans are no longer willing to accept the obstructionist tactics of a Democrat majority Senate. Maybe the old “take from those who have and give to those who have not” mentality no longer flies with the majority of voters, especially those who actually contribute to our society.

Maybe Americans actually appreciate having a decent person in the White House after having felt dirty for the previous eight years.

Maybe the “make love not war” crusade seems somewhat inappropriate when a cruel and violent terrorist is on the verge of producing weapons of mass destruction, which will likely be used against Americans and their allies.

Maybe working Americans are tired of too much bureaucracy in their lives and paying too much in taxes to support this bureaucracy. Maybe we like the idea of having some real management in our government that will streamline some of this horrendous bureaucracy, such as the unbelievably archaic and inefficient manner that we manage our public lands.

Maybe Americans would like to reduce our dependence on foreign oil through an intelligent process of developing our own resources, so long as we do not significantly impact our environment in the process. Maybe we are just tired of all the lies!

The next time you hear the incessant whining of the liberals about how stupid you were on Nov. 5, just brush it off as you would any other vermin. It’s time for a change of attitude.

Dick Bradley


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