Liberals tired of inaccurate stereotype |

Liberals tired of inaccurate stereotype

Dana Andersen, Brian Gardner and Gay Moore

Dear Editor,

Just a note from a few wacky and supposed “leftist, peacenik, liberal, tree-hugging, anti government” Valley Democrats to those of you who constantly broadcast your right-wing, war-mongering, Bush’s America, love-it-or-leave-it, God-loves-a-good-war drivel.

We are not all atheists or agnostics and we are not anti-American or unpatriotic.

We are independent thinkers, some of whom have proudly served, or currently serve, our country.

We are not Iraqi sympathizers, we just prefer that our tax dollars not purchase $600,000 bombs to be dropped on civilians.

We are not anti-President, but we do prefer our “elected” leader to echo the sentiments and will of his constituents.

We take issue with narrow-minded individuals who claim that, “There’s no chance in hell of a democrat being elected to the White House.”

We suggest that you pray to whatever God you believe in that they are wrong, or for salvation if they aren’t, because in just three years George W. Bush has taken liberties with his office that have turned the majority of the free world against America.

No one should be surprised that terrorism exists, and no one should be allowed to hide misdeeds behind a flag of patriotism.

As Mark Twain said in 1909: “To be a patriot, one has to say, and keep on saying, `Our country, right or wrong,’ and urge on the little war. Have you not perceived that phrase to be an insult to the nation?”

Dana Andersen, Silt

Brian Gardner, Glenwood Springs

Gay Moore, Glenwood Springs

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