Libraries can help you escape |

Libraries can help you escape

Wilma Paddock
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I was opening my mail the other night, when I came across my retirement account statement. I sat staring at that ominous, unopened envelope debating whether I should ruin a perfectly good evening with further proof we are in an economic slump. I was looking around my living room for a distraction of any kind, when my eyes settled on a stack of books.

It was a cold November evening, just perfect for curling up with a great novel. I realized this was my answer to take my mind off the day’s problems. Rather than choose a book from my limited collection to reread for the third time, I went to the library and found a wonderful, new novel to escape into for a few precious hours.

Though I read right through dinner, I didn’t hear any complaints from my husband.

Instead, he was watching the new release action movie I checked out for him while at the library. We often check out movies, books and CDs because the library is one of the few places you can go for free entertainment.

I personally love to read biographies, historical novels and popular fiction. To lose myself in a good book is one of my very favorite things to do; everything looks better when I return to my own reality. Whatever you like, there is something for everyone at the library.

The word is spreading about the Garfield County Public Library District as more people than ever before are perusing the stacks of books at the libraries. In fact, circulation statistics indicate I am one of many looking to the library to meet my needs.

All the libraries in Garfield County have upgraded their collections. As a result, the amount of materials being checked out has been growing an astonishing 10-15 percent every month. In September, the amount increased by 36 percent, followed by a 32 percent jump in October.

The Garfield County Public Library District consists of libraries in Parachute, Carbondale, Silt, New Castle, Rifle and Glenwood Springs. Each library is staffed with wonderful people who can help with just about anything. Remember to check us out online at A library card will grant you access to everything we have in the libraries, as well as our website’s online databases, and the catalog of materials available to you. You can even apply for a library card online.

The library district wants to send out a big thank-you to everyone who comes in and checks out a good book, new movie, book on CD or any of the other items we offer.

If you come to the libraries often, we want to thank you. If you have not been in lately, we encourage you to visit us and see what’s new. If you have never been to the library, now is the time to stop by and check us out.

See you at the library!

Wilma Paddock is assistant director of administration for the Garfield County Public Library District.

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