Life can be totally tubular |

Life can be totally tubular

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April E. Clark

It’s the little things in life that often bring me the most happiness.

Forget all the money in the world. And the furs, fancy cars and McMansions all that money can buy.

OK, I’ll take the Aston Martin if it comes with plates.

All I needed Sunday were the basics. Snow on the ground. Some elevation. A sled. A pot of spicy chili. A bald eagle flying overhead. And fun friends to share the day. The view from the outhouse was a nice touch, too.

Seriously, the view is really nice.

A small group of us headed up to the Liston family mountain house over the weekend with the goal of acting, well, like a bunch of kids. Luckily there were actually a bunch of kids there, so we fit right in. There were also a bunch of dogs, which seem to flock to me lately like parrots, pigs, ducks, mice, monkeys and owls follow Doctor Dolittle. I think they can sense the sadness I haven’t been able to shake since my dog Jake died. It’s getting better, and all that instant canine companionship helps.

Maybe I’m putting off a dog biscuit scent.

I picture myself with a parrot on my shoulder and a parade of animals following me through the streets as I sing show tunes. Then I remember that’s Crazy Dog Lady talk. I could end up spending the remainder of my life pulling dog hairballs out of the dryer lint trap. On the bright side, I’ve heard dryer lint can be recycled in a variety of ways.

I might skip starting fires or stuffing pillows with that little mixture.

I figure sledding beats recycling dryer lint any day. Especially when the Liston brothers set up the sled run like a luge track. We didn’t quite reach Olympic speeds. But it was definitely fun to climb up to the top of the hill with the kids and the dogs and feel the adrenaline rush coming back down on a rubber tube. I showed my age by being slightly concerned during the drive that I might break a femur. That could’ve had something to do with my nurse friend Megan reminding me how she was called into work that day to help with post-op after some kids did some damage to their limbs. Most kids have no fear, and here I am with 30 years on them.

That’s about how I feel at a dance club these days.

But if I always lived in fear I would never go skiing or rafting, fall in love, ride an upside-down roller coaster or wear skinny jeans. Sledding – especially with the safest river guides in Glenwood Springs – didn’t seem like such a scary thing. My mom always told me to surround myself with good people, and good things would happen. Lately, life has been playing out like that. I just need to trust that it’s all going to work out as smoothly as the Liston tube track at the mountain house. And the view is as great as the one from the outhouse.

Seriously, the view is really nice.

April E. Clark is a little scared for tonight’s stand-up at the Silvertree in Snowmass. But like trying on skinny jeans, she’ll get over the fear. She can be reached at

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