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‘Life is precious’ is total hypocrisy

‘Life is precious’is total hypocrisyDear Editor, The Schiavo case overrunning the media is frightening in so many ways that it’s hard to address them all. If “Life is so precious” is true, then why these sickening, ironic inconsistencies?Literally thousands of Americans of every age die daily because they don’t have health insurance protection.This administration is cutting Medicare funding behind the Schiavo smokescreen, which further limits benefits to the most fragile, denying care and ultimately inviting death. Texas care facilities can and do “pull the plug” on those critical care cases where the family cannot pay – without family consent – thanks to Bush.Bankruptcy laws “evolved” – those seeking medical bankruptcy relief is huge.Protection for that is dramatically diluted now – nearly impossible for anyone caught in that vicious cycle. Nearly 1,600 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis are dead in a war fought to protect us from nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. Health benefits and pay have been cut for returning soldiers during this administration.One “precious” life versus all the thousands of seemingly “not so precious” and destroyed lives. “Life is precious” is total hypocrisy coming from this administration.The only “sanity” comes from moderate judges voicing that the process has worked even if it isn’t the result that social conservatives want. You must contact your representatives and demand that the administration’s drive for socially conservative judges and a socially conservative majority on the Supreme Court be stopped. We must maintain moderate thinkers on the judicial bench at all levels. Cheryl CainGlenwood Springs’The Laramie Project’ inspires thoughtDear Editor,I love theater, I love it on so many levels, but mainly because it makes you think, it creates some kind of emotion. Positive or negative, even if you hate a piece you will end up talking about it, and then it’s done its job. Last Thursday I went to the theater to speak to the director of “The Laramie Project,” Wendy Moore. She asked me to stay and watch rehearsal of Act I. I was ready to say no, thank you. But something told me to sit down. What I was not prepared for was the story. I thought I was going to have to witness the buildup to the hate towards Matthew Shepard. I didn’t want to see those emotions or hear those words. I was stunned at how the Tectonic Theater Project had developed the story in this play. This play is not about the hate that created the horrifying end to Matthew’s life. It is about the effects of the murder of Matthew Shepard on his family and friends and the people in the community of Laramie, Wyo. I urge you to see this fine work and see some of our community’s finest actors give tribute to Matthew Shepard’s memory. Thank you, Wendy Moore and Colorado Mountain College, for bringing this project to our community. And for giving me something to think and talk about. Jacquie MeitlerGlenwood SpringsCarbondale Elementary offers many opportunitiesDear Editor,I am writing this letter as a show of support for Carbondale Elementary School. My wife and I plan on sending our daughter to CES in the fall because we want her to be with a population that represents the community that we live in. As an elementary school teacher, I am encouraged by the opportunities that will be available to my daughter next fall at CES. I am especially pleased that she will have the opportunity to take Spanish on a regular basis as a part of the school curriculum, and that she will be able to learn from both the Anglo and Latino cultures. We as a family expect to live in Carbondale for the long run, and we see the programming at CES as an excellent way to prepare our daughter for her future. I feel that the relationships that she will build amongst the varied cultures of CES will help prepare her for success in both her schooling and later in life. I embrace the community’s cultural makeup and look at it as a positive means for growth. I believe that the children who attend CES will be the future leaders of social integration in our community.Kenny TeitlerCarbondale

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