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Local bedeviled by high school nickname

Dear Editor,

Driving through downtown recently looks like you’re driving through hell. Or has Glenwood Springs become the backdrop for a new movie “Nightmare on Elm Street Part III”? I wonder what the tourists think as they meander downtown with a larger than life mural of a devil looking down upon them as they pass by some of the storefronts? How many of us would be appalled if that were graffiti on our streets? Those kids!

School spirit is wonderful, but shouting chants to “demon’s, demon’s, demon’s” is wrong. I recently went to a football game and the demon face in the refreshment stand looked eerie and oppressive. Do we want a demonic image as a role model for our children? Iraq calls us the Great Satan, are we trying to reinforce that?

The Glenwood Springs chamber has unveiled a new campaign titled “Making Some History of Your Own.” This could be a unique opportunity for the class of 2003. Why not encourage them to develop a contest that would allow them to re-name their school mascot. The definition of “demon” in Webster’s New World Dictionary reads as follows; demon n. 1. a devil; evil spirit 2. a person or thing regarded as evil, cruel, etc.

An unknown author wrote, “A child who grows up with criticism, learns to criticize.” What then can be said on the impact of our children calling themselves “demons”? And for us adults, it seems we’re encouraging our children to be evil or cruel to others. “Go Demons.”

This generation has had some pretty negative connotations attached to them. Like many of you reading this, we know differently. These kids are bright, imaginative and very creative. At a time when the emphasis is on the role adults’ play in the development of our youth, lets encourage them to bring about positive change. Glenwood Springs High School needs a fresh look. An updated image! How does a school mascot of a demon help our image as a community? Lets encourage our youth to “Make Some History of Their Own.” Lets help them leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Susan Tribble

Glenwood Springs

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