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Local delegate talks convention

Phillip Yates
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Carole Brown was excited. That’s because she was on her way to a meeting of Colorado and Arizona delegates at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

“They said we would have a very exciting guest,” said Brown, a native of Glenwood Springs, on Wednesday afternoon. “Maybe we will have John McCain or Cindy McCain. We are not sure, but they promise it is an exciting guest from Arizona, so that kind of gives us a hint.”

Brown, the current vice chair of the Garfield County Republicans, became a delegate to the Republican National Convention after she was elected at the state party convention.

Brown took time out of her day to talk to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent about her experience as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul:

What does it mean to you to be a delegate?

“It is a very big honor. It is not something you take lightly. It is such an awesome event.

“Taking part in your country’s (election) process, whichever side you are on, it really is an awesome honor. You just meet some fabulous people from all across the country, and I think the feeling of patriotism is wonderful at these events.”

What has the convention been like so far, especially in light of Hurricane Gustav hitting the Gulf Coast?

“(The convention) was pretty much on hold Monday when everyone came in. We just had the bare minimum to open because a lot of our leaders were busy in the South trying to see what was happening, where help was needed, and the different delegations that were affected, like the Louisiana delegation.

“Everybody was just trying to be as supportive as they could. It got off on a different note, but a very positive one for all of us, because as I said, we just believe in country first.

“Like some of our speakers said last night, when push comes shove in this country, when we have a disaster of any kind…we all put aside all this party stuff and become one. We become Americans and that is what’s most important.

“I think (Monday) was a day of care and concern, checking to see how the hurricane was going and how other delegations were doing and to see if there was anything we could do to support our neighbors.”

What is the atmosphere like in the convention and the Republican reception to Sara Palin as his selection for vice president?

“Absolutely on fire and excited over John McCain and Sarah Palin as his choice. One of the most exciting things about her is that she is from a Western state, and she understands the diversity of the lands in the Western states, like Colorado.

“She knows how we are impacted by the decisions they make in (Washington). She is going to be a big difference and a refreshing change for us in the world of reality.”

Who has been the best speaker so far?

“I think Fred Thompson (last night) was the best speaker we heard so far.”

What do you think about the police presence and some of the arrests that have been occurring in St. Paul?

“There is a lot of really nice police presence here. When we got back to our hotel the other night, we saw there had been some demonstrations, and a lot more, people said, than there were at the Democratic National Convention and much uglier ones.

“They were throwing urine at the cops, and rocks. As far as us, we go in and out pretty peacefully so we really didn’t see it ourselves.

How excited are you for John McCain’s speech?

“We are excited over McCain and Palin. We are very excited (to hear Palin speak) and McCain speak (tonight).”

What has been the highlight for you so far at the convention?

“Last night was really a high note, just all our speakers were such uppers, just hearing Fred Thompson talk about what a remarkable man of courage and determination John McCain is.

“If you don’t know the story of how he persevered in Vietnam and how he gave over and over for his fellow prisoners of war, that is a pretty amazing highlight and story. There are just so many good highlights, and I think Sarah Palin is definitely a highlight for all of us.”

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