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6th annual Downtown Market pie contest is Tuesday

My, oh my, it’s pie time. Our sixth annual pie contest is Tuesday, and we are dancing in anticipation for the pies that you will be bringing.

With our three categories of fruit, cream and specialty the array of yumminess will be amazing. We are accepting pies till 5:30 p.m., when the judging starts. After the winners are announced, we start selling the slices for $3 each,

In my attempt to get to the bottom of this pie contest, I decided to step into the market last Tuesday and take a pie survey. Here’s my results: Out of about 40 people I asked the No. 1 pie was strawberry rhubarb followed by apple. Strong favorites followed with lemon meringue, blueberry and pumpkin close behind. Even the tropical key lime and mango was mentioned. It is apparent that everyone likes pie. Not one person said they did not like pie. One clever fellow, when asked what his favorite pie is, quickly said “I haven’t had it yet.” A man with a life mission, I thought.

Next: “What is your most memorable pie memory?” There were some lovely memories of mom’s key lime pie at grandma’s in South Texas to apple pie with the family on the 4th of July. But I have to say, the best pie story came from a smiling friend of mine. They actually drove over 1,000 miles to a pie restaurant on the coast of Oregon to return for a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie that they had five years previously. Imagine the long miles thinking of that first bite that you remember was so light and fluffy with really true flavors. But, alas, they arrived only to find the restaurant was permanently closed. It must have been a bitter moment for them. She said they drowned their sorrows in crab cakes.

So, how do you find a good pie? Well William Least Heat Moon, author of “Blue Highways,” devised a smart system. He would take notice of how many years of calendars he would see on the cafe wall. Here was his formula. Keep this in your wallet, it just might come in handy someday when you are traveling. I am always watching for the four-calendar cafes, because I do love good pie.

“No Calendar: Same as an interstate pit stop.

One Calendar: Preprocessed food assembled in New Jersey.

Two Calendars: Only if fish trophies present.

Three calendars: Can’t miss on the farm-boy breakfasts.

Four calendars: Try the ho-made pie too.

Five calendars: Keep it under your hat, or they’ll franchise.”

And as luck would have it, Vid Weatherwax will be crooning as we all eat pie. He is becoming well-known around the Roaring Fork valley with his bluesy music and practicing his om energy at our market. Just seems like om and pie should go together, right? When I first heard Vid singing, I thought this guy must be from New Orleans. He has that great deep voice that sounds like it’s coming out of a club on Bourbon Street. He actually is from Michigan originally, though I think in his past lives he must of spent some time in the south. He is not to be missed.

Our produce vendors are piling up the tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers and more. I have been enjoying fresh cucumbers every day. Slice them up just to garnish your plate, and they are so refreshing on a hot summer day. It just doesn’t get much better than fresh veggies, people.

So come on down and celebrate pie with us. Remember, we continue to double the value of EBT and WIC benefits up to $20 a week.

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