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A pleasant Black Friday

After everyone finished stuffing themselves full of delicious Thanksgiving meals, a large number of people decided to then partake in what has appeared to become the norm in this country. No, not unbuttoning your pants, plopping down onto the couch and taking a great power nap; it was time to hit the road and get in line at the nearest store with great Black Friday deals.

Although my fiancee and I were unable to celebrate Thanksgiving properly this year, I was able to partake in the largely insane practice of standing in line in the cold outside of Target on Thursday evening in search of some great deals.

Full disclosure: I was third in line, starting at roughly 4:15 p.m., so I have no shame. While I wasn’t in search of any serious big ticket item like a new television or a laptop or video game system, I was able to enjoy my time in line due to some really friendly, funny strangers next to me in line. Despite not having family around for another big holiday, I was able to have my holiday spirits lifted with some good-hearted laughs due to some really nice, outgoing people in line.

Honestly, the fun time I had standing outside really set the mood for what was sure to be a hectic hour or so inside the store as soon as it opened. Sure enough, at 6 p.m. on the dot the doors slid open, allowing a throng of people to go pouring into the store in search of that big prize on sale. For me, I just meandered around the store, grabbing a few things here and there before making my way over to the electronics. That’s when it really hit me how crazy this psuedo-holiday can really be.

The lines at the electronic island were insanely long, but thanks to some really friendly sales associates and a relaxed environment in line, things went smoothly in a situation that — at first glance — had disaster written all over it. That is a serious compliment to this peaceful mountain town environment that we live in. I’m sure Glenwood Meadows was mellow last night compared to a place like the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, but it was just so nice to not really stress about the situation that was Black Friday.

By having a peaceful time on Thursday night, it carried into my time working in retail on Friday morning. It’s a part-time job, so it was mostly an easy day on Friday in a retail store on the official Black Friday. The store I work at had plenty of Black Friday deals that drew a large number of customers into the store, yet much like Target the night before, a terrific team of sales associates created a fun, friendly environment that really took the stress out of the situation for most.

I’m not really big on large crowds just because I’m a quiet person that likes his space both physically and mentally. I expected my experience as a shopper on Thursday and a worker on Friday to be much, much worse. Yet I was pleasantly surprised with how well both days went, allowing me to leave both venues in a very good mood during a time that is known to be absolutely hectic across the country. The fact that this simply wasn’t the case here in our pleasant little valley is largely a testament to you folks.

A job well done, indeed. Happy Holidays!

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