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A studio by dancers but not only for dancers

How did your business start?

We found that Pilates and yoga helped our movement quality, range of motion and injuries and essentially enabled us to keep dancing better and with more strength and fluidity. We found this to be quite a revelation and wanted to share this knowledge and understanding with our students. We feel that studying all three modalities is something that is ahead of its time in a way, and if people could feel what it is like to have this awareness harnessed in their bodies all activities would take on more of a dynamic and rewarding quality.

What do you sell?

We offer the opportunity for students to connect with their bodies in a way that is healing, empowering and age reversing and can help people study where movement comes from in their bodies, which can be very useful as they age. We can show people how to access movement in a whole different way offering more control, grace, strength and modalities that don’t build bulk or superfluous muscle. We do this by combining yoga, Pilates (on the reformer, chair and barrel) and ballet as the vehicles and our trained eyes as the coach. Also we offer performing and personal coaching.

What positive lessons did you learn during the recession?

We learned to stick to our dreams and to fall back on what you love and have dedicated much of our lives to, in a way that serves people with the idea that we strive to make a positive influence on their lives.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

We hire people that share our love for movement and can offer this enthusiasm and knowledge to our clients. And that can expand on what we offer in areas in which we are not knowledgeable.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

We have signed a five-year lease and effectively tripled our space in order to expand our youth, teen and adult ballet program into Carbondale’s first professional dance company/school through “Bonedale Ballet.” So that means more performances and community outreach performances in libraries, schools, our studio/ performance space. Also, we want to get dancers into more yoga and Pilates for a well balanced cross training diet.

For nondancers, we hope to offer the opportunity for people to feel what it is like to be a dancer even if they don’t plan on dancing. Who is to say that they cannot bring the feeling of dance into their weight lifting, cross fit and skiing activities, for example. We want to build these programs and bring the valley another professional option for dance.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

The most rewarding thing is to serve a diversity of people in age, movement background and physical disposition and see them begin to change their perspective. We witnessed this when we shared this philosophy with autistic children through the extreme sports camp. We hope to work with Alzheimer and Parkinson clients as recent science has proven that ballet helps arrest the symptoms and manages the effects of these diseases. This demonstrates how great these modalities are for the mind, body and spirit and how there are many audiences and untapped areas in our community that might benefit from our humble offerings.

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