Adventure out to the Grand Mesa this summer |

Adventure out to the Grand Mesa this summer

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The Grand Mesa is one of the best-kept secrets of the valley, and local expert Seth Anderson wants to share it!

Its beauty astounds him and “everybody should get up there,” he said.

Anderson, who owns Grand Junction’s own adventure clothing line — Loki Outerwear (, grew up recreating on the Grand Mesa and loves every inch of it.

“It was formed by basalt flows and is held aloft by protecting its underlying sedimentary layers,” Anderson said. “The Grand Mesa is an oasis in the sky. The native Ute Indian’s referred to it as ‘Emerald Top,’ as it so rarely if ever incurs wildfire on its top. It was also called Thiguanot, meaning the connection between the spirit world above and the living land below.”

The Grand Mesa is also a giant — its elevation measures 11,332 feet tall.

“The signature flat top and steep-edge topography seen from the Grand Junction area is crowned by the protruding turrets of the Mesa’s western edge,” Anderson added.

The Grand Mesa is additionally home to national forest land and some 300 lakes, where locals love to fish. Other fun activities on the Mesa include hiking and camping.

Don’t miss

• Crag Crest Trail: “It’s a 10-plus mile loop hike, or you can do it out and back from the west and east trailhead,” Anderson said.

• Mesa Lakes: “There’s a lodge and campgrounds,” Anderson said, “and a small fee to recreate there. The best trail there is Lost Lake Trail. It’s stunning.”

• Twin Lake Campgrounds: “It’s my favorite campground,” he said.

According to Anderson, there are also “flowing mountain bike trails” and “dreams for a huge mountain-bike and hiking trail descending from the Mesa’s lofty edge to the valley bottom.”

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