Artist takes chalk to Carbondale Library’s board |

Artist takes chalk to Carbondale Library’s board

Will Grandbois
Will Grandbois /
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You’ve probably seen one of Fred Haberlein’s murals. He’s done 133 of them, of which all but 13 are intact. His painting of Chair Mountain has adorned the side of the Dinkel Building since 1990, and CMC hosted a showing of his paintings titled “Lightning Heart” several years ago.

His newest piece, however, is more ephemeral. Haberlein spent several days this week on the indoor chalk wall at the Carbondale Branch Library, drawing spring along the lower Colorado River into the space.

“This is the first time I’ve ever drawn big with chalk,” Haberlein admitted. “A lot of my paintings are real big, but I draw with brushes or rollers.”

He compared the experience to snow sculpting, which he has done previously.

The Carbondale Library approached Haberlein to do the piece and has hosted several locals’ work on their triptych chalk board wall, which stands just inside the entrance. Haberlein hopes his piece will encourage others to participate.

“If people will like it, then maybe the other local artists will go, ‘Oh, I want to do one of those!’”

The library also has an outdoor chalkboard that anyone is welcome to add something to.

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