Basalt health center receives mental health grant |

Basalt health center receives mental health grant

Mountain Family Health Centers received nearly $200,000 from a Denver charity last week to add mental health services to the Basalt health center, which is currently being renovated.

“Behavioral health has been identified by Pitkin, Garfield and Eagle counties as one of the top concerns for our community,” Garry Schalla, development director for MFHC said.

Renovation of the health center in Basalt is well under way, but the $195,000 grant from the Denver Foundation’s 2018 Colorado Health Access Fund is a boon to for the project.

The Denver Foundation awarded a total of $3.75 million to 13 community health care providers across the state.

The renovations of the Basalt facility are scheduled to be complete in January, and the center will reopen with primary care providers, dental services and behavioral health programs, but Schalla said MFHC is less than half way to raising the $3.4 million needed for the renovation campaign.

The one-year capital grant will help MFHC complete dedicated rooms for behavioral health services. The center will have at least two dedicated behavioral health professionals, with two individual counseling rooms on the first floor of the new facility, and two rooms for group sessions and other programming on the second floor.

Each of the rooms will be outfitted with equipment so a mental health professional in Denver could treat a patient in the Roaring Fork Valley.

“There aren’t enough psychologists on the Western Slope to meet the need,“ Schalla said. So MFHC has a partnered with doctors across the state to provide care remotely.

“The Colorado Health Access Fund is supporting important work at a time of major developments in the field of behavioral health in Colorado” Dace West, the Denver Foundation’s vice president of community impact, said in a statement. The 2018 grants “will fund important work happening in communities to support those with mental health and substance use issues through a range of interventions,” Dace said.

Other recipients of the Denver Foundation’s 2018 grant include Summit Community Care Clinic in Frisco, which received a three-year grant for an outpatient treatment program for young adults.

The Health Access Fund, which was created through an anonymous $40 million gift to the Denver Foundation, has distributed $16 million since August 2015. The grants have contributed to increasing access to care for 50,000 in Colorado.

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