Battlement Mesa injection well raises concerns |

Battlement Mesa injection well raises concerns

Heidi Rice

Barbara Allred lives on 8 acres she bought 18 years ago, expecting to retire there.

She hadn’t counted on Ursa Resources’ plans for an injection well approximately 750 feet away.

“This is something that we don’t want that is close to us,” Allred said. “We have Ursa and truck traffic on three sides of us. They have the right to drill and we understand that — but it was like, ‘Here we are and it’s too bad.’”

Neighbors met Wednesday night at the Battlement Mesa schoolhouse to discuss the situation with Ursa representatives.

“We were surprised that there was that much objection,” said Don Simpson, vice president of business development for Ursa. “We set the meeting up and invited anyone who wanted to come.”

The focal point of the meeting was a planned injection well by Ursa Resources. Battlement Mesa Concerned Citizens has expressed concern regarding possible seismic activity that could occur. Injection wells are commonly used by energy companies to dispose of wastewater produced in the process of drilling natural gas wells by pumping it back deeply into the ground.

Approximately 20 people attended the meeting and, although no formal action was taken, it was a time to share concerns about what was happening in the western part of the valley.

“We wanted to hear everyone’s concerns and gather information,” said John Doose, field land manager for Ursa. “ We wanted to gather everyone’s information and go through it. They were upset without a doubt, and there’s been a lot of misinformation. We’re working with everyone on fixing that.”

Another meeting with Battlement Mesa homeowners is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. March 10 at the Battlement Mesa Fire Station.

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