Bicycle Advocates column: Back to school, on bicycles |

Bicycle Advocates column: Back to school, on bicycles

Steve Smith
Glenwood Bicycle Advocates

Roaring Fork Schools opened on Monday, presenting a perfect combination of safe routes, friendly weather, and motivation to ride bicycles.

Bicycling to school starts the learning day on a refreshed note, makes the trip more fun, reduces motor traffic, and saves time.

Parents and students will find an elaborate network of safe routes for riding to and from any of the schools in Glenwood Springs. Car drivers and other cyclists should review these same routes and be extra alert to the new wave of bicyclists headed for the schools.

Glenwood Elementary

The Glenwood Springs River Trail, along the east side of the Roaring Fork River between Two Rivers Park and 23rd Street, is completely separated from motor traffic, with a ramp connection just southwest of the school. Watch out! for loose gravel on that crossing ramp.

Painted bicycle lanes on both sides of Pitkin Avenue lead toward the school. Watch out for turning cars at intersections.

Strings of highlighted crosswalks along 8th, 9th, and 10th streets link the school with neighborhoods to the east.

Sopris Elementary

Separated bicycle paths along the east side of Midland Avenue and Airport Road connect Sopris Elementary with Park West and Cardiff Glen neighborhoods.

Wide sidewalks and quiet streets link Glenwood Park and Park East neighborhoods to the school. (Be alert and yield to pedestrians when riding on sidewalks.)

Watch out! at intersections, driveways, and motor parking lots. Carefully cross Mount Sopris drive at the marked crosswalks near the school.

Middle School and Two Rivers School

Painted bicycle lanes on both sides of Donegan Road lead most of the way to Soccer Field Road, then to the schools.

The separated West Midland Bike Path links downtown neighborhoods to the schools. Watch out! for cars in multiple directions when crossing the roundabouts at Exit 114; press the activator buttons at each crossing to light up crosswalk flashers.

Watch out! at the awkward on-street crossing of Wulsohn Road. Watch out! navigating the tunnels along the bike route; stay to the right, and ring your bell.

Glenwood Springs High School

The Glenwood Springs River Trail links the high school with nearly every neighborhood in town, either directly or with connections to Rio Grande Trail, West Midland Trail, and painted bicycle lanes.

The new Red Mountain Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge connects Midland Avenue and the Red Mountain neighborhoods to the River Trail and to the school.

Watch out! for the loose gravel and awkward passage linking the River Trail/Red Mountain Bridge path and Coach Miller Drive just west of the school.

Painted bicycle lanes along Pitkin Avenue and Blake Avenue lead toward the school. Watch out! crossing 14th or Grand Avenue; use the crosswalks, look for cars.

Yampah High School

The separated West Midland Trail links directly to the flasher-protected crosswalk at Red Mountain Drive. Sidewalks along the north side of 8th Street and the east side of Midland connect the River Trail to the same crossing.

Maps and resources

City bike map

Youtube video about safe riding

• Contact Glenwood Springs Bicycle Advocates for detailed suggestions for your family’s trip to school.

Enjoy your ride!

Join Glenwood Springs Bicycle Advocates in riding and promoting local bicycle use. For more information, call 618-8264, or write

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