Bite it with Britt: Lack of exercise syndrome is all too common |

Bite it with Britt: Lack of exercise syndrome is all too common

Britt Glock

The holidays are here and diets go out the window for many of us. If you can manage to exercise while you overindulge, it will make getting back to reality much easier.

Our country’s collective physical health condition is poor at best. It comes from many associated problems. One of the big ones is a lack of exercise. If we could only keep our bodies healthy enough to exercise enough to keep our bodies healthy enough … you get the idea.

For whatever reasons, the fact is that we do don’t get enough of the right type of exercise. Daily exercise is imperative for health. We are built for hard physical work. Every part of our body needs it. It doesn’t matter if you’re into yoga or rugby, you must exercise intensely and consistently with concentration and mindfulness.

Beginners come into the gym because they are having trouble exercising and want to learn how – but they can barely do much because they are often too weak and deconditioned. It’s very difficult for beginners, and it takes time to reverse the cycle.

You must exercise to lose fat. Muscle is what burns fat to replenish its No. 1 fuel supply, glycogen. Not eating starves muscle and cripples your ability to burn fat. You’ll lose weight by starving, but it will be mostly muscle tissue. Muscle weighs one-third more than fat per volume, so the weight loss that most nonexercisers experience is from lost muscle. If fact, nonexercisers force their bodies into “fat-storage mode” because it senses major calorie restriction and prepares for starvation by storing every calorie as fat.

If you can’t exercise reasonably vigorously a little every day, we have a problem. That means you are avoiding the things necessary to maintain enough health to vigorously exercise. That equates to an entire country that can barely stay healthy enough to show up at work — forget about actually producing anything.

Fix the factors that keep you from daily exercise and enjoy the results. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Brittney Glock is a performance fitness nutrition specialist and personal trainer at Midland Fitness. Her expertise in fitness and nutrition is based on multiple nutrition certifications and years of living a healthy lifestyle as a working mother of three. Contact Britt at 945-4440.

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