Board approves Prince Creek area acquisition |

Board approves Prince Creek area acquisition

Pitkin County commissioners approved spending almost $1.2 million Wednesday to acquire a parking lot and trail to improve access to a popular mountain-bike area near Carbondale.

Commissioners want to alleviate parking problems along Prince Creek Road caused by mountain bikers accessing the nearby Crown Trails area. Residents of the Prince Creek Subdivision have complained about the parking and hard-to-see bikers on the road.

The $1.175 million from the Parks Dedication Fund and the Open Space and Trails Fund will go toward purchasing a 4.6 acre parking area along the road and a nearly 1-mile long trail that would bypass a portion of the road to allow safer access to the Crown Trails.

Commissioner George Newman renewed his request to have the project moved to the top of the county’s Open Space and Trails program’s list of active projects because of the safety concerns.

Gary Tennenbaum, the program’s assistant director, said his staff, in conjunction with the Open Space and Trails Board, will spend the next month re-prioritizing those projects and report back to commissioners.

Commissioner Michael Owsley said he wasn’t initially going to support the acquisition because he thought it was too much money for a tenuous solution to the problem. However, he voted for the project in the end, he said, because of the significant problems being imposed on the neighborhood.

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