Bridge activity ahead on several fronts |

Bridge activity ahead on several fronts

Question: What is on tap for the Grand Avenue bridge project?

As we move into fall, the war board is full of daily construction activities. Today’s column will highlight a project roundup of some current and upcoming construction activities.


Near Sixth and Pine streets and at the north end of the pedestrian bridge, construction crews begin work on a 250-foot-long structural wall for the north pedestrian bridge landing. Crews will excavate the area, forming walls (reinforced with structural steel) and pouring concrete.

At the former Shell gas station near the corner of Sixth and Laurel, the contractor has been working on the pedestrian underpass. This underpass will create a better connection for pedestrians traveling from Two Rivers Park to Sixth Street, the Historic Hot Springs District and the Glenwood Canyon trail. During the next several weeks, the tunnel will be taking form, and crews will be pouring the tunnel walls. Once complete, it will provide needed pedestrian and bicycle connections on the north side of the bridge.

In the same area, near the traffic bridge north abutment – crews are forming and pouring “wing walls” that will act as structural support for the new vehicle bridge. On the pedestrian bridge, installation of overhang brackets continues and the deck sections are being formed.

In September, you will see crews pour the pedestrian bridge concrete deck, which is a significant step toward the March 2017 completion date.


As the Seventh Street Station foundation work continues, crews will install all underground utilities including its gas line, electrical, phone and power conduit into the utility vault, which is located on the south side of the Colorado River.

In September, the Seventh Street Station will begin to go vertical. GAB construction teams will install the landing structure, erect structural steel, form stairs and concrete walls.

Later in the month they will begin building the upper and lower pedestrian bridge stairs that will take users from the Seventh Street Plaza to the bridge’s deck.


Motorists have noticed increased construction activity at Exit 114. Crews have been working to widen the interchange and prepare for the 95-day traffic bridge detour in August 2017.

At the Exit 114 westbound on-ramp, crews will install traffic barriers and finalize signs and light standards. At the north roundabout, crews will build curbs on its east side, and also work on placing concrete pavement.

Additionally, on the I-70 Exit 114 eastbound off-ramp, crews will set barriers and remove pavement to prepare for a wider lane configuration.


On the corner of Sixth Street (where the new water line was installed), GAB crews are paving a patch of road. The contractor also will be testing the new 16-inch water line, and work will be underway to construct and install utilities into the north pedestrian bridge utility vault.

As you can see, the contractor definitely intends to make the most out of remaining construction season. If you have any questions about traveling through these constructions zones, don’t hesitate to call or text us at (970) 618-9897.

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