Canadian radio station quizzes Silt mayor Dave Moore about marijiuana issues |

Canadian radio station quizzes Silt mayor Dave Moore about marijiuana issues

SILT — A Canadian conservative talk radio station on July 24 called Silt Mayor Dave Moore to ask him about marijuana.

Specifically, the mayor told the Post Independent on Wednesday, the questions from station CFRA 580 were about Colorado’s laws that legalized medical marijuana in 2000, and recreational marijuana in 2012.

“It was humorous,” Moore said of the 15-minute interview, which he was told went out live over the airwaves in Ottawa, Ontario.

“I asked them, ‘Where’d you get my name?’ and they said they weren’t sure,” the mayor continued with a laugh. “They probably just pulled my name out of the paper [online], or something like that.”

“I asked them, ‘Where’d you get my name?’ and they said they weren’t sure.”
Dave Moore
Silt mayor

The interviewer, he said, told him the segment was on the “Ottawa Noon & Rick Gibbons Lunch Bunch” talk show on the day of the interviews, though when he tried to listen to the show online he was not successful.

“They asked me about the size of the town and things like that,” Moore said, “and how a small town is dealing with the marijuana issue, and I told him [the interviewer] it was probably pretty equally divided.”

Silt, where the town’s electorate voted narrowly in favor of both medical and recreational marijuana legalization, currently has on its books a permanent moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries, and is considering a temporary moratorium on retail pot shops.

Moore said he told the interviewer that the town is concerned about the costs of hiring and training police to deal with the new laws, and about the expense of coming up with an application process for prospective businesses, “and the fact that it doesn’t return that much revenue, a few thousand dollars, which would not offset the expenses.”

The reason for the call, Moore said, was the ongoing debate about marijuana legalization in Canada, where an estimated 60 percent of the population favors legalization, according to information published on the Wikipedia website.

‘It’s a debate,” Moore said of Canada’s situation. “They are considering it, that’s the impression they gave me.”

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