Carbondale featured in Sunset magazine |

Carbondale featured in Sunset magazine

Carbondale is once again on the map, with a two-page spread in the June issue of Sunset magazine.

The article by Kelly Bastone, titled “A perfect day in Carbondale, CO,” features numerous local businesses and attractions. Roadside Gallery, Art 215, and SAW represent the art scene, and the fine dining of Town joins the Community Oven and Food Co-op for a sampling of local eateries. On the retail end, Bastone highlights Osmia Organics and Tylerware, and wraps up with a pitch for Avalanche Ranch for a room and a soak.

Sunset, a lifestyle magazine focusing on the American West, boasts a distribution of more than 1 million, which means a lot of exposure for a small town.

Trustee Alexander Hobbs said the article “shows that we are fostering an environment for creativity.”

In the end, he said, “Carbondale speaks for itself.”

Locals can peruse the article online at

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