Carbondale Fire Department warns about fundraising group |

Carbondale Fire Department warns about fundraising group

Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District officials say they have been notified by some residents about a questionable donation request from the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance.

“CRFPD is not soliciting donations, nor are we affiliated with this group,” the fire district said in a press release Tuesday. “If you choose to donate to this company, the funds will not go to Carbondale Fire.”

According to the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance’s fundraising material, 62.9 percent of donations are supposedly used to support fundraising, according to the district.

The group also requests information from the people it contacts to set up a phone interview to volunteer.

“Carbondale Fire has not received any information on volunteers from this organization,” the release stated.

The local fire department asks those who would like to volunteer to contact CRFPD Volunteer Coordinator Kat Bernat at

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