Carbondale man jailed for allegedly slashing another man |

Carbondale man jailed for allegedly slashing another man

John Colson
Post Independent staff

CARBONDALE — A Carbondale man allegedly lashed out with a knife and sliced up the arm of another man, who lives near Colorado Mountain College, in a dispute over money owed from an incident that happened more than a year ago, police said on Thursday.

According to Police Chief Gene Schilling, the alleged victim, Jose Vega-Torres, 21, was walking along Weant Boulevard at approximately 6:40 p.m. on Wednesday when he spotted Miguel Silvas-Soto, 19, and two other men.

Vega-Torres told police that he recognized Silvas-Soto as the man who had smashed a window of Vega-Torres’ vehicle in an incident more than a year ago, and who had never paid Vega-Torres the money to cover the damage.

Vega-Torres confronted Silvas-Soto, Schilling said, and Silvas-Soto “pulled a knife and cut Jose on his arm.”

Silvas-Soto and the other two men present then got into a vehicle and left the scene, while police were called to help Vega-Torres.

The vehicle the men drove away in was found, abandoned, on South Second Street, a short time later, but Officer Nino Santiago saw the three suspects in another vehicle on Weant Boulevard at about 10:11 p.m. that night, Schilling continued.

Officers stopped the vehicle and, with guns drawn, ordered the occupants to get out, Schilling said.

Both Silvas-Soto and a second man, Miguel Torres-Payan, 20, were arrested and jailed. Silvas-Soto faces charges of menacing and second degree assault, both felonies, while Torres-Payan was arrested on an outstanding warrant unconnected with the activities Wednesday night.

Vega-Torres, whose injuries were said to be “minor,” was taken by ambulance to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, treated and released that night.

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