CMC board supports change on state initiatives |

CMC board supports change on state initiatives

Colorado Mountain College’s board of trustees has come out in favor of Amendment 71 on the Nov. 8 ballot, the so-called “Raise the Bar” initiative that would make it more difficult to amend the Colorado Constitution.

Amendment 71 would require a broader, statewide geographic distribution of petition signatures to put future amendments on the state ballot. It would also require approval by 55 percent of state voters, rather than a simple majority, in order for amendments to be added to the Constitution.

“This amendment would strengthen the voices of citizens who live in the smaller counties on the Western Slope, as each Senate district in the state would be given representatively equal consideration for all proposed statewide measures,” the CMC board said in a statement following a special teleconference meeting Monday.

Opponents of the measure contend that Amendment 71 would make it too difficult to make constitutional changes, and note that the legislative process often fails to address important issues via statutory remedies.

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