Coroner working to ID man found in Colo. River |

Coroner working to ID man found in Colo. River

Ryan Summerlin

Garfield County Coroner Rob Glassmire was still working Monday afternoon on finishing an autopsy on the man found over the weekend in the Colorado River west of Glenwood Springs.

Commercial rafters discovered the body near the town’s wastewater treatment plant around noon Saturday. The coroner believes the man was in the river for several days, though that estimation “isn’t an exact science,” he said.

The man’s identity and the cause of his death remained unknown Monday.

Glassmire expects that it will take another two to three days before an identity can be released.

He’ll first try to get good fingerprints off the body, which will be submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. If that doesn’t work, he’ll move on to DNA identification or dental work.

But even with all this information, authorities will need something to compare it to. “We don’t have any solid leads of missing persons or anything like that,” said the coroner.

If Glassmire and CBI still have trouble making an identification after this process, they may reach out to the public for help identifying the man, he said.

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