Detox to re-tox? |

Detox to re-tox?

Steve Wells
Steve Wells

Let’s just imagine that you are doing a great job being healthy for the most part. You are exercising, drinking your unchlorinated water, you’re avoiding mass-produced orange juice from a petroleum jug, you’re eating mostly real food, and you’re basically a superstar!

However, you have a sneaking suspicion that something still isn’t right. You still can’t get all the weight off, your joints are still inflamed, you’re still getting headaches, your energy is better but not great, etc. These minor let-downs cause people to drop out all the time.

Consider this…

Your body is much smarter than your brain — you just have to trust it. It’s very plausible that you are missing several key components of nutrition — even if you think that you are doing everything right. If you are doing all the right stuff, how can it be such a struggle to get healthy?

Let me start by saying that we are all toxic. By toxic, I mean than we are carrying far more un-natural, man-made and man-caused particles in our bodies than ever before. As you read this, your body is sipping on a poisonous cocktail of heavy metals, salts, chemical compounds, nano-particles, excitotoxins, designer bio-engineered bacteria and viruses through your food, the air, the water, your skin, and by means which you can’t see or feel.

This causes stress to most of your body’s systems, affecting every function of your body. Since your body is an open system, nothing is isolated and everything is connected just like the song, “the hip bone’s connected to the, thigh bone…etc.”*

There is nothing that you can put into your body that will have an isolated effect.

The symptoms happen slowly, and are often misdiagnosed and chalked up to the aging process or genetics. Many new clients I see take several “lifestyle-disease-drugs” voluntarily in addition to the environmental toxins, exacerbating the effects thus making fitness very difficult to attain.

Since these toxins are so numerous, they overload your body’s ability to eliminate them. Like a filter in a pool, once overloaded with toxins … well, you get the idea.

This I why I say that you must cleanse to rid your body of toxins in order to allow for nutrient adsorption. All the health food and vitamin supplements in the world will not improve your health if you can’t adsorb them. You won’t adsorb them if the means to adsorb them are blocked by toxins.

What blocks adsorption? All drugs affect the adsorption of nutrients. Genetic disorders have a small effect, but for the vast majority of us, environmental toxins and drugs (which are environmental toxins) are the culprits to abnormal adsorption.

Don’t freak out and throw away all of your expensive supplements! Your cabinet of drugs is far more dangerous, and toxic, and approved by the FDA, and I recommend you throw this stuff out. I’m advising that you may need the help of a professional who can alert you to adsorption issues with a few simple and inexpensive tests like detailed blood work and biofeedback.

Note: None of this testing, cleanses or supplements I am discussing will be covered under the Affordable Healthcare Act by design. You will actually have to pay for it. Don’t worry because it’s way more affordable than affordable health care.

There are many resources for cleanses and detox methods out there. Some are great and some are dangerous. Do you know the difference? Trying a detox or cleanse based on what you think your symptoms might be is not a great way to get started. That is why you need to do more testing and less guessing. If you don’t know how to test, see a professional.

This stuff is no mystery to the right therapist. There are many local doctors and therapists who can help you plan a healthy detox plan that is followed by an educated food and supplement program. The objective opinion from a pro will help keep you from screwing up with a cleanse that your friend’s ex-roommate heard about from her friend, who’s mom lost 15 pounds from doing it after she read about it in some magazine.

Retox? This means that once you detox, adsorb the right supplements and begin to feel better, you can go right back to the enjoyable but destructive behavior that caused you to need a detox in the first place. “Retoxing” can be fun, but it has consequences, so be careful. Ah, human nature.

*According to Wikipedia, “Dem Bones” was composed by author and songwriter James Weldon Johnson. Thank you James for your spiritual and physiologically accurate lyrics.

Steve Wells is a personal trainer and co-owner of Midland Fitness. His column appears on Tuesdays.

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