Downtown Market column: Fruits, vegetables and an action photographer |

Downtown Market column: Fruits, vegetables and an action photographer

Julia Larson
Downtown Market

Did you know that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” opened on this day in 1981? And, yes, before you tell me I know I wasn’t born yet. Even though I wasn’t at the opening event this movie is still a thrilling classic, and if you haven’t seen it and enjoy funny action movies you should definitely put it on your “to watch” list. It was so exciting to watch the adventure of Indiana Jones and his group of skilled friends as they help him in his efforts to prevent the Nazi army from getting the Ark of the Covenant. While the story and the plot were very captivating what always caught my attention was the idea of having these adventures all over the world, seeing some of the most beautiful and amazing places … why wasn’t he taking pictures? This question kept crossing my mind and, in his defense, that is probably because he was perpetually chasing something or being chased. But at today’s Glenwood Downtown Market you will have the chance to come by and meet a man who spends his time on adventures and can take the picture.

Come by the market from 4-8 p.m. today at Centennial Park, say hello to 10-year resident Jeremy Joseph, and check out his amazing photography skills. He spends his time having adventures backpacking, ice climbing, mountaineering and taking the time to stop and take a photograph. One of his goals is to mesh the practice of adventure and photography to push the boundaries in landscape photography, a journey that he invites everyone to join. His connection with nature shines through each photograph, and each picture really resonates after you hear or read his artist statement, which I encourage you to ask him about today while you are at the market. If you would like a sneak peek, visit his site at

After, or before, you say hello to Jeremy make sure you stop by our produce stands and get some fresh cherries. I am so excited to get some of these local delicious treats that I might just have to make a cherry pie this week. While you are here we encourage you to peruse and enjoy our other wonderful vendor tents that include, but are not limited to, cheese, jewelry, wooden goodies and much, much more. Grab some food from one of our delightful food tents, take a seat in the park, and enjoy the melodies of Frank Martin. If you get to our delightfully buzzing market by 5:45 be sure to also catch our cooking demo tent; this week we welcome Krissy from CO Ranch House restaurant.

Don’t forget, we continue to double the value of EBT and WIC benefits up to $20 a week.

We look forward to seeing you at our beloved Downtown Market.

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