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DR. SECHRIST: Natural ways to boost your energy levels

Nick Sechrist, D.C.
Free Press Health Columnist

The long summer days with longer daylight and higher temperatures can quickly turn grand plans of, “Woo hoo, I’m going to get a lot done today!” into the harsh reality of, “It’s hot, I’m tired, where’s my afternoon siesta?”

For most of us, when we’re honest with ourselves, we realize it’s not just a summer phenomenon; it just hits us a bit harder during summer. Usually, our energy drive begins to nosedive after lunch and rather than reach for the extra cup of coffee (seriously, how good is that on a hot afternoon?), the energy drink, or just giving up on your endless “to-do” list, consider there might be another option.

First, let’s look at where we get our energy to begin with. At first glance, most of us would answer that the energy our body requires for daily functioning comes from the foods we eat and the drinks we drink. Fat, carbohydrates and proteins break down and create the energy our cells need to perform the actions we demand of our body.

Hmmm, well if we ponder this one step further we might wonder why we have an energy shortage, yet at the same time have a problem with overconsumption of food and drink. Consider this: Our current solution for our body’s energy demand can be found when we discover that America’s top five largest imports are all food- and consumption-based! SUGAR is the fifth number on the list! Our solution to our lack of energy and the way we eat not only isn’t working, but it’s fueling five of the top 10 largest health problems in America, according to Mayo Clinic.


It’s obviously more than getting enough food; it’s the right kinds of foods. Enough rest is crucial to recharge your body, at least 6-8 hours. It’s important to stay hydrated, too!

How do you implement those changes? First: Find healthy, energetic people who you can start to hang around with. What do they do, what kinds of food do they eat, where do they go for “health” care? Next, add positives first when changing habits, rather than depriving yourself. You will find over time the bad habits fade when you focus more on adding positive ones. Also, keep reading these health columns by all the excellent health practitioners and know that when you change your environment, it will facilitate the change you need to succeed!

Lastly, welcome to my realm as a chiropractor. How can chiropractic increase your energy? Consider the natural law of gravity. Your structure and your spine that keeps you upright demand a significant majority of the energy of your body to keep you from being a blob on the ground! How can you make being upright and active more efficient and last longer? Be aligned. After nearly 10 years in practice, over 90% of clients report “having more energy,” along with improvement of their “x,y,z, symptoms” as a result of their chiropractic care.

If what you are doing isn’t producing the results you want, then I simply encourage you to take another path and experience for yourself more energy … naturally!

Nick Sechrist, doctor of chiropractic, has joined the practice at Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions. Reach him at 970-256-8449.

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