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Eagle County cops to start issuing electronic citations

Vail Daily

Technology is changing the way traffic stops are being handled by several law enforcement agencies in Eagle County.

The agencies are moving forward with an electronic ticket system to streamline the process of issuing warnings and citations and exporting the information to the Colorado Department of Revenue and local courts.

The new system increases the safety of the individual stopped and the officer conducting their duty by reducing the amount of time on the roadside. With just a scan of a driver’s license and the bar code on the vehicle, the device uploads all of the required information. Once the information is uploaded the officer can enter the violation, input electronic signatures and the process is complete.

The electronic warning and citation system will allow for traffic data and motor vehicle accident investigations to be timelier, more accurate, complete, consistent and readily accessible in the records management system.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Avon Police Department and Vail Police Department are using these devices. The Eagle Police Department will also begin using the electronic devices by the end of the year.

A state grant paid $151,840 toward the project. Eagle County agencies provided $37,960 for the rest of the cost.

Eagle County is the second county in the state able to electronically upload citations and crash reports.

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