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Editor’s top 5 web picks: Alpacas, Colorado River death, outdoor gear, marijuana & more

Compiled by Caitlin Row
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1. Learn about a variety of outdoors gear!

According to Melanie Wong, “Coloradans have been dying to pull out their summer gear for weeks now, and it seems that the weather gods are finally allowing it. We took it upon ourselves to try out a bunch the newest gear of the season and bring you our favorites. Check out our top picks before you head out on your next paddling, running, biking or hiking adventure.”

2. Learn about a climber’s first-hand experience during Nepal’s recent earthquake.

“The avalanche rumble grew louder and I knew we were in trouble,” recounted Jim Davidson. “We had been on Mount Everest for a week, so the muffled crashes of distant avalanches were a normal background noise of expedition life. But, this was different. This avalanche was close by, and getting closer. It was heading our way.”

3. Learn about Big Hat Ranch in Eagle County, Colorado. They raise alpacas.

According to Randy Wyrick, “They used to raise elk, which explains the 8-foot fences and also why Cass can climb over an 8-foot fence. You think llamas are cranky? Try elk.”

4. Learn about a New Castle woman who found her pot-free baked goods at the center of a marijuana probe.

“Antoinette Jaworski of New Castle says she enjoys baking treats for children and adults,” reported Rick Carroll. “Now getting them baked? That’s another matter, but the 84-year-old widow soon found herself caught in the crosshairs of a pot probe by the Aspen Police Department.”

5. Learn about last weekend’s first western Colorado River death, along with rafter safety tips.

According to Brett Milam and Kelli Rollin, “In 2014, 17 people died in Colorado boating accidents, 14 of which were on rivers and 12 in private excursions with no guides. Kris Wahlers, Colorado Parks and Wildlife boating safety program manager, said 2014 was an above-average year for boating accidents, which encompass rafting, canoeing and power boating. The average for the past five years is about 10 boating deaths, though the number has fluctuated from two to 17.”

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