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FENSKE: Birth of a child & the mysteries of life

Catherine Fenske
Free Press Health Columnist
Catherine Fenske
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“Our family is a circle of love and strength. With every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every obstacle faced together makes the circle stronger.”

— Author unknown

This week has been such a blessing for me as I welcomed my fourth grandchild into our family. Josephine was born Sept. 7 to my youngest daughter, Jessie, and her husband, Jake.

With the birth of Josephine our family circle has grown once again. It has grown one member larger and more importantly, it has grown in love and strength. The miracle of life, the circle of life takes my breath away.

As humans we tend to get so involved with the trivial things and overlook the meaningful, important things that really matter. It seems as if it takes events such as births, unions and deaths to remember what a gift life and family are.

The past few days as I hold and rock Josephine I see all of creation in her. I feel her little breath on my neck while I prop her on my shoulder. I feel her little heart beat as I pull her close to me in a warm embrace. I look at her perfect little fingers, toes, eyes and ears and see the perfection of God in every tiny part of her.

I want her to always remember who she is and where she came from and never fall into the separation that we seem to fall in to as we grow and age. I want her to remember how magnificent she is and always will be. I wish for her to never allow any beliefs that are not of the pure mind of God to limit her in any way.

This tiny little being has already been such an inspiration for me and a great teacher. By being in the presence of such an innocent, pure, perfect little spirit she has reminded me of who I am. She has brought me back to my Source in the ever present now because as I hold her I know. I know that she is of the same Divine Impulse that I am, that we all are created.

As the circle in our lives continue to grow, whether it be family or friends, may we be reminded of the larger circle — the circle of all humanity. We are an ever-growing circle of love and strength, of compassion and evolution. Every obstacle we face together makes the circle stronger. Just like the Divine Impulse brought Josephine into my family, so does it bring all of us into the enormous circle of humanity.

It’s a funny thing how the birth of a baby can initiate the ponderings of the mystery of life. It’s a beautiful thing that it does. Thank you, Josephine, for giving me the opportunity to ponder and grow in love and strength.

As you go about your week I encourage you to be aware of your place and purpose in the circle of life. What is it in your family? What is it in the bigger picture? How can you bring love and strength to your smaller circle of family and friends and also to the circle of the life of humanity?

Catherine Fenske is the owner of Live With Intention Coaching. She is spiritual counselor/teacher, certified life coach, Reiki master/teacher. Catherine can be reached at 970-640-6987 or email at catherine@livewithintentioncoaching.com. Visit http://www.livewithintentioncoaching.com or her blog at http://fromblocked2bliss.wordpress.com.

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