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FENSKE: Nature has many things to teach us so take notice

Catherine Fenske
Free Press Health Columnist
Catherine Fenske
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“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” ~ William Wordsworth

Do you remember that old admonishment from your protective parents, “Stop, look, listen”?

I remember taking it to heart and made sure to stop, look and listen to almost everything. Then somewhere along the way, the busyness of life got in the way and my awareness vanished bit by bit. I no longer saw or appreciated all that was around me, I was too wrapped up in doing.

Years went by for me with blinders on to the beauty around me. I was operating on auto-pilot, focused only on the chatter within my little mind. Then one miraculous moment it all broke loose and I opened up to Big Mind, to the Mind of Infinite Intelligence. Actually, in truth it was several miraculous moments that led up to the big “a-ha” when I felt my Self awaken.

Now, some of my personal work is about mindfulness, about practicing awareness of not only what is going on around me but also what is going on within me. I heed the admonishment once again — Stop. Look. Listen. I am always amazed and in awe of all the lessons and opportunities that present themselves every single day. Rather than looking for a miracle, I now practice looking at everything as miraculous. It’s just a simple shift in perception.

One way to see miracles in everything is to stay attuned to natural occurrences around you. Get lost in a cloud or the sound of raindrops on the roof; feel the warmth of the sun in every cell in your body or smell the sweet fragrance of a rose. It doesn’t take much effort or cost even a penny to appreciate the beauty of nature. When you immerse yourself fully in life, you can’t help but be grateful and happy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “We lie in the lap of immense intelligence.” Nature has so many lessons to teach us if we just stop, look and listen. She teaches us about being instead of always doing. She teaches us about acceptance and grace and beauty. She teaches us about partnership, cooperation and interdependence. She teaches us about trust, knowing and survival. She teaches us about abundance, plenty and richness. She teaches us about contrast — light and dark, hot and cold, arid and moist, mountains and oceans. She teaches us about cycles and constants. Most of all she teaches us about love and forgiveness. She is our perfect role model if we pay attention. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

This week my invitation to you is to find four or five natural occurrences every day that you might not have noticed before or given yourself time to notice. Write them down or journal about them at the end of each day. If you like to take pictures, photograph them or draw them if you are an artistic person. However you would like to log them, do what feels right for you. Notice how you feel while logging these miraculous occurrences. Does it increase your appreciation and gratitude? Does it give you a peaceful feeling? Do you feel more connected? What did you learn from each one?

Enjoy this practice and enjoy the process. It will bring you closer to an awareness of the mystery of all that is. It will engage all your senses and make you feel more alive. It will help you know better the truth of who you are and why you are here. It will take you on a journey within. It will give you a sense of expansiveness and joy. It will definitely assure you that we are all a part of all that is, including the flowers, the animals, the stars, the sun and moon … all of creation. Nature is a door into your essence if you allow her in.

Catherine Fenske is the owner of Live With Intention Coaching. She is spiritual counselor/teacher, certified life coach, Reiki master/teacher. Catherine can be reached at 505-795-7779 or email at catherine@livewithintentioncoaching.com. Visit http://www.livewithintentioncoaching.com or her blog at http://fromblocked2bliss.wordpress.com.

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