Fitness column: The risks of ‘frankenfood’ |

Fitness column: The risks of ‘frankenfood’

Steve Wells
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Are you getting tired of all the no-carb, no-sugar diet wackos telling you that sugar is the enemy? Of course you are, you’re addicted to the stuff, too, and truth is so hurtful. Quitting sugar is just out of the question along with other crazy ideas like quitting drinking or avoiding dairy or attempting a plant-based diet. What’s up with all the crazy diet behavior?

Consider that many people have become diet wackos because of the extreme health problems that are directly related to our frankenfood industries. The explosion of weird illness, allergies, rampant misdiagnosis and unexplainable symptoms have spurred a movement of food reform because we know that we are what we eat. We are eating mostly weird, food-like chemical products — not food — and getting horrible symptoms from it. We have found out that there is a man behind the curtain and wisely suspect fraud.

You government-big-business-trusters can’t seem to understand why diet wackos want non-GMO food. You don’t need to have a Ph.D. or even be a real scientist to observe the correlation of our declining health and the ever-increasing frankenfood monopoly.

For example, our corn and soybean industry is causing many health problems as people are doped into consuming more corn and soybean “products.” Not actual corn and soybeans, corn and soybean “products.” There is a big difference.

Junk carbohydrates, processed sugars, sugary fillers, stabilizers, and texturizing additives mostly come from our government-subsidized corn and soybean industry. These “products” are all highly processed frankenfoods that are contributing to the epidemic disease of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s — even though Harvard scientists can show you several paid-for studies that may show the opposite to keep you in a state of constant doubt. There is always some truth to every good lie.

Much of the toxicity that is leading to all major diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease comes from the heartland of America — so how could it be bad? The amount of biodiesel fuel, neurotoxins and chemical fertilizer we use to make this garbage is staggering as Monsanto is the true ruler of middle ‘merica and we all just stand around arguing about who is more qualified to argue about these issues.

Many real scientists are busy trying to find cures for Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes while others are figuring out how to hide corn and soybean products in our food to keep us fat, addicted and dumb — but make lobbyists happy. Best of all, our federal government pays out our tax dollars to keep the ball rolling as the corn and soybean lobbies put their homies in positions to secure their interests. Just another day in the game of farmopoly.

Here is the quick breakdown of what all this has to do with Alzheimer’s disease, which is directly correlated with Type 2 diabetes, corn and soybeans.

Let’s say that you are walking around Denver and somehow, you become hungry. You grab any chip, cereal, granola bar, cracker, bread, canned anything, pizza, or burrito that you can find to satisfy your hunger. Naturally you don’t eat a suggested serving, and you kill the whole bag. Your body is now overloaded with junk-sugar-carbs and it uses insulin to take the sugar out of your bloodstream and deliver it to your cells. Anything left over is turned into fat.

As you keep binging or living on a diet made up almost entirely of processed junk carbs, your body develops insulin resistance. It takes more and more insulin for your cells to start taking in sugar from the bloodstream, and your body can’t keep up with it. When this happens in your brain, it makes it tough for brain cells to use sugar, which it needs to function. Which explains a lot of peoples’ behavior, especially as they attempt to drive in roundabouts.

You’re depriving the brain and the rest of your body of the food it needs to function. You’re thinking slows down, your memory slows down, you can’t remember simple things or give me the correct change because simple subtraction is way too hard all of a sudden.

You start to experience the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease — or at least compromised nerve function. A defining marker of Alzheimer’s is the visible development of neuron-strangling plaque on the brain. Insulin resistance seems to be a key component in the formation of those plaques. Remember that people with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Processed, sugary foods are literally killing us slowly after they are “possibly correlated with” type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and after the machine bankrupts us trying to save us with more drugs. Any “diet” that weens you off of processed sugary foods works. Just the inverse, any diet or food, prepackaged, designer diet-food that contains processed-carb junk is just helping the cause.

There is a lot of validity to the diet wacko movement as we are continually let down by the system which is supposedly led by legitimate science — whatever that is. If monopolies are illegal, then how can there be a game for kids called Monopoly? Is there a new game coming out called “Poison them first, then enslave them with debt?”

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Steve Wells is a personal trainer and co-owner of Midland Fitness. His column appears on Tuesdays.

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