Free Press Letter: Rejoicing that Colorado National Monument will not be a national park |

Free Press Letter: Rejoicing that Colorado National Monument will not be a national park

The United States Government actually operates the way it’s suppose to from time to time; such is the situation with our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., making the proper decision to drop any proposals to turn Colorado National Monument into a national park. Congressman Scott Tipton and Senator Mark Udall did what they are supposed to do and followed the wishes of the majority of their constituents on the matter.

Of course many people that are wealthy, connected and have special influence with most politicians are very angry and upset that they didn’t get their way as they usually do and weren’t given yet another opportunity to “cash-in” with the establishment of a national park west of Grand Junction, as a recent column in the Free Press clearly indicated.

Anyone just casually following the monument/park issue could readily see that the people pushing for “park” status were mostly local business types looking for some financial gain, and not necessarily people that actually visited the monument frequently or at all. It seems some folks didn’t think the customer lines at the local fast-food restaurants were already long enough, or that the hotels adjacent to the monument weren’t booked solid often enough as things are now. Long-time residents of our area know that there are people that have been sitting on property “investments” with land located next to the monument for years just waiting for the day some big resort chain offers them 50 times the appraised value of the property to build a hotel on that location.

I imagine those “real-estate moguls” sent some heated e-mails to Washington. Average working folks that enjoy Colorado National Monument for its exceptional beauty and recreational diversity should rejoice that this gem has been preserved and not just handed over to the greedy that only see America’s special places and particularly our national parks as personal money generators.

J.C. Winters

Grand Junction, Colo.

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