From the desk of Mayor Dave Moore … |

From the desk of Mayor Dave Moore …

Editor’s note: The Post Independent gave candidates in the Carbondale and Silt municipal elections the opportunity to publish 800-word statements. Two candidates responded. Dave Moore was one of them.

It was 10 years ago when I decided to run for public office, a trustee for the Town of Silt. Did I know what was expected of me and what I was in for? I had the foggiest idea.

I thought that the duties of a trustee/mayor were to hear the partitions of the citizenry, vote for the direction the staff should take, and be sure not to micromanage. Now here’s the catcher. Many trustees/mayors still think that this is the sole duty of their office, and this is what I want to talk about.

Permit me to draw a picture of the relationship between an elected official and you, the elector. Frankly you’re the boss; we are the workmen. You are the employer, we the elected are the employees. Now that’s simple, isn’t it? That’s the way it should be, but sadly it’s not the way it is.

Do we, the elected “politicians”, deserve the negative connotations, pessimistic insults, and the character defamation? My friends, we not only deserve the above but a whole lot more. Allow me to explain.

We are “hired” (excuse me, elected) under the pretext that we will fulfill all the promises made in the campaign; we will dedicate our “time and energy” toward solving the problems and issues that arise. Then we paint the image of how Silt will look when we consummate our term, leaving you the voter mesmerized by the imaginary illusion. We knock on doors, make phone calls, give out literature, post signage, shake hands using the most courteous and polite charisma we can muster up.

The election takes place. We will get almost $20,000 and you get massive promises.

Before I go all negative, let me ask you what do you want from an elected official? Do you want the person you elected to literally dedicate hours each week in service to the Town? Keeping in mind that each trustee will only make about $100 per week; then shouldn’t they set aside at least a few hours for service each week? If you the voter expects no more from the elected official than a couple of hours every two weeks at a trustee board meeting, then that’s all you will get. I hate to say it, but for the most part that’s all you have gotten.

Mr. Mayor, are you saying that we have trustees that have not, and are not fulfilling their elected duties and sworn oath? Sadly, but truthfully, that’s exactly what I am saying. Permit me to explain.

For several years I worked and dedicated myself in seeking to bring in a grocery store, bank, and pharmacy in Silt. I made three PowerPoint presentations, spent hours meeting with Garfield County commissioners, store CEOs, bank presidents, and pharmacies owners. I met with different governmental committees, state, and local officials.

So what were the results? I pioneered the Urban Renewal Authority resulting in the Dollar General coming to Silt; created the beautification fund resulting in a present balance of $177,000. I brought in the Subway restaurant; lobbied for grants from Garfield County resulting in $2.5 million; headed up the urgency for a bike path on Grand Avenue in order that our children could safely walk to school.

Does it take time to consummate business transactions? You bet it does. Do the elected trustees have other jobs? Yes, and thankfully so. Nevertheless, more time should be expected from our elected officials.

Honestly, I am disappointed with the commitment in bettering Silt as was exhibited for the past four years by two trustees running for office again. Let’s give credit to where credit is due. Did they bring any potential businesses to Silt? No.

These are good family men, but if they are elected for another term, we the people should strongly demand that they do more than attend a meeting every two weeks and draw a sweet paycheck.

Before you vote, I would encourage you to interview each candidate, drill us in proving we are capable and trained for the job as trustee. Make us verify our track record by showing you the accomplishments and projects we have initiated and completed over the past four years. If we can’t dedicate our time, produce accomplishments, then perhaps we shouldn’t run for trustee. Our feet need to be held to the fire.

Then vote your conscience. In other words, vote for those who will work and not just take up a seat at the trustee’s table. It’s been a pleasure serving the Town of Silt for the past 10 years. I would appreciate your vote, I am still working on a grocery store, bank, and pharmacy.

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