Fruita History Fair to feature old photos, memorabilia |

Fruita History Fair to feature old photos, memorabilia

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Fruita’s own unique history will be on display Saturday, May 4, at the Cavalcade, 201 E. Aspen Ave. Put on by the city’s Historic Preservation Board, the first-ever Fruita History Fair is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will display a variety of old photos, advertisements and memorabilia dating back to the small farming community’s founding in 1884.

“Fruita’s history is not the same as Grand Junction’s,” Denise Hight, a board member, said. “It was founded by a different person for a different reason. It’s called Fruita because (its founder William Pabor) had this idea of an agricultural paradise. For the first few decades, Fruita was about apple orchards and it won awards all over the world.”

Hight also said lots of memorabilia surrounding Pabor will be showcased, including song sheets and lyrics that he penned.

“He didn’t found Fruita until he was 50 years old,” Hight said. “He came from New York City, and he was a published poet and songwriter. We (Hight and her husband) began collecting work by Pabor in fashion magazines of the time. He also wrote a number of long poetry books.”

Hight added: “When he first came to Colorado in 1870, he wrote about agriculture in Colorado.”

Photos of old buildings, some still in existence, will be available for viewing, too.

“Some look much as they did 100 years ago,” Hight noted.

One day, Fruita’s Historic Preservation Board hopes to have its own permanent museum.

Until then, “we will try to do this every year if the event is successful,” said Dahna Raugh, the community development director for the Historic Preservation Board.

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