Garfield County’s oldest resident dies at 106 |

Garfield County’s oldest resident dies at 106

Staff Report

Garfield County’s oldest resident died last week, though it remains unclear who has taken her place as the most senior person in the county.

Vera Diemoz of Carbondale died on Oct. 22 at age 106.

Diemoz kept up an independent life until she was 103, doing all her own house chores and shopping for groceries, according to her obituary.

She “deeply loved each of her family members, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She could be feisty and remained sharp as a tack her entire life.”

Prior to Diemoz’s death were the deaths of her parents, her husband, nine of her siblings and her son.

Before Diemoz, Garfield County’s oldest living resident was Ida Toniolli, who lived to be 105 and died in February 2016.

It’s not immediately clear who is currently the oldest resident in Garfield County.

The county’s voter registration records show five other centenarians around 100 to 102 years old, though there may be someone older who is unregistered.