Glenwood Downtown Market column: One last day Tuesday |

Glenwood Downtown Market column: One last day Tuesday

It’s market day today, and it is the last for our 13th season. It has been so wonderful sharing our little four-hour corner of the world with you all, and we all know that fall is the best time of year with its cooler nights and crisp mornings.

With our produce vendors still having an abundant load, Cindy Svatos and I asked the vendors to stick it out more week through today. We are so glad we extended.

Cindy and I love our little market — we love the park, the music, the people, our vendors, and our awesome people who help us.

Many of you have agreed with us that our music this year has been outstanding, to say the least, and we have to extend many thanks to Vid Weatherwax for that. He graciously volunteered to line up our music for this season, and we think he knocked it out of the park.

Tonight, we welcome Vid as our musical guest. His strong R&B feel blended with his background as a studio musician and his Detroit background provide for excellent music that you are sure to enjoy. Besides his deep connection with music, Vid is a dedicated vegan, avid swimmer, hiker, meditator, and is happy as hell to be living here in Colorado.

We are so happy that Vid and our community help us run every year. There are also special people who really make this possible: We could not run our market without the help from our “guys” from a great community program, Feed My Sheep. Doug and Eric arrive at 1 p.m. every Tuesday and immediately get the market booth set up, then they aide with our vendors’ set up. At 8 p.m. Gray and Stuart arrive and help us tear down and get put away again. They have been so amazing and really have it all down to a science, better than Cindy and I do as far as where things go, and structure of closing streets.

Additionally we are grateful for the addition of Pat, Pat and Kathie, who have been volunteering with us most, if not all summer. The three of them, plus Cindy, have history back to 1978 when they all worked at the hospital together. Pat Hansen worked in surgery with Dr. Weaver and Dr. Derkash, Pat Trauger in the ER and Special Procedure unit, and Kathie Weaver and Cindy in Medical Records.

At this time, the hospital had maybe 100 employees, which made it very easy to know everyone who worked there. However, these four became fast friends and built a strong bond that is still alive today. They make each other laugh, and really brighten the day for everyone around them.

We also had Hannah Juul volunteering with us. She is our young friend that helped us run our cash register until school started, and we are always appreciative of her help. We are so happy that she is in her senior year of high school and hope that she joins us again next year.

We are looking forward to spending this last Tuesday with you, and hope you come on down to our market. We will continue to double up WIC farm bucks and EBT; we look forward to seeing you there and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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