Glenwood Farmer’s Market hits stride during harvest season |

Glenwood Farmer’s Market hits stride during harvest season

The changing of the seasons has led to the closing of many markets in our valley; however, this changing of the colors means that your Glenwood Springs Saturday Farmer’s Market is in full swing as the pumpkins and winter squash really start showing off their wonderful tastes and colors.

Barbecue brisket sandwiches for lunch and ribs for dinner are found by following your nose to Don’s BBQ.

The tempting aroma of several varieties of roasting chili peppers leads us to DeVries farm stand, where we also find bags of onions, potatoes and beets. Sweetcorn, tomatoes and canned goods are also here.

Peach Valley greens and apples and fresh honey are among the items found at Kuhns CSA stand.

Home-made breads, fritters, brownies and incredible carrot cake are just the start for your fresh bakery selections.

Grilled salmon wraps, fresh, frozen steaks, fillets and portions begin the fishy corner as smoked, lox and candied salmon are also in the net.

Essential oils and homemade soap from New Country Creations are found next to the prime selection of choice grass-fed steaks offered by Farmer Dave for your game-day grill gathering.

The pumpkins, winter squash and wheat berries are showing their impressive colors at Mesa Forge & Farm as they are arriving in good supply from the local fields.

Our market is located in the Rite-Aid parking lot on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The market looks forward to sharing its home grown goodness throughout the month of October and into November.

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