Glenwood Police report attempted fraud on local businesses |

Glenwood Police report attempted fraud on local businesses

The Glenwood Springs Police Department has taken several complaints from local businesses that they have received calls from the Glenwood Springs Electric Company stating that their bills are past due and to remit payment immediately.

This is not the normal practice to obtain payment for the Glenwood Springs Electric Company. Businesses are urged to contact their electric company through their main numbers before providing any type of payment or providing any account information. If a business receives a call similar to this, contact the electric company.

These reports come after the police department received several complaints from local merchants on May 1 stating that they received a call from someone claiming to be from Holy Cross. The call told the merchants that their electric bill is past due and they need to make immediate payment online or their power will be shut off.

The calls appeared to be coming from the 719 area code. If you receive any calls of this nature, please verify the status of your account with Holy Cross Energy. Do not give out any financial information until checking with your local Electric company.

It appears to be the same individual(s) making the calls or stopping by the businesses in person, according to the a police spokesman.

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