Glenwood Springs-area fire mitigation projects to start |

Glenwood Springs-area fire mitigation projects to start

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• Glenwood Springs Fire Department, 970-384-6480

• Glenwood Springs Parks Department, 970-384-6315

• Ron Biggers, 970-618-6119

The city of Glenwood Springs is planning several wildfire hazard fuels mitigation projects starting this month through November.

The work will be done on city property, some of which abuts private property within city limits, according to a press release from the city.

“The work consists of removing, thinning, and liming up of wildfire hazard fuels to help reduce the spread of fire,” the release states.

Planned work for 2018 includes:

Veltus Park — Reduction of fuels around the upper bathroom structure and maintenance in the area where the larger fuels were removed last summer.

Ninth Place and Waltz Ave — Create a fuel break to the West of the homes in this area on City property below the Red Mountain Water Plant.

Oasis Creek Subdivision — Vegetation removed and thinned in the drainage that is accessed via North Transfer Trail Southeast of the intersection of West Harvard Drive and North Transfer Trail and the northern most end of North transfer trail.

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