Glenwood Springs family featured in Nickelodeon special |

Glenwood Springs family featured in Nickelodeon special

Post Independent staff

The Kellogg family of Glenwood Springs will be featured on cable channel Nickelodeon’s kids’ news show, “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee,” during a special half-hour segment, “12 For The Road,” airing at 6 p.m. MDT Tuesday.

The Kelloggs, including dad Dan and mom Susie, their 12 children and one dog, decided to pick up and leave their home and are now living on the road in an RV. The Nick special will discuss the many opportunities and challenges that the family faces.

“My mom and dad asked us all if we wanted to live in the RV,” said Brody Kellogg, 17, in a Nick News release announcing the show’s premiere.

“I thought it was kind of like a test or something, but we instantly all screamed, ‘Yeah!’” he said. “We spend our time during the day with each other and exploring new places, and just having fun. Our life has no routine.”

Added 12-year-old Dally Kellogg, “We get to go wherever we want, get to do whatever we want. Our back yard is the whole world.”

“We have always had a very deep connection to extreme sports, adventure and fun,” said Susie Kellogg, “so if we can get out every single day and do something spectacular, it just makes the day better.”

The Kellogg children are home schooled while on the road, but are also are learning from their experiences traveling.

“An education does not have to come from the classroom, you can get it anywhere,” says Kady, age 15. “We’re learning not only how to do a certain problem, but how to live your life.”

“We’re really just trying to live life and teach our kids that they can find happiness in things that we take for granted every day,” says dad Dan. “Like a sunrise, or a sunset, or beautiful mountains. … There is so much out there.”

“It’s been so much better, so much greater,” adds Susie. “The things we’ve done, the things we’ve seen we could never have done this from home. I don’t even consider it a trip. I consider it a life.”

“We’re definitely like every other normal family,” said son Grady, 18. “We fight a lot but we always are able to sort it out.

“Ever since we got the RV, I’ve had the time of my life, and I’m pretty sure the rest of my family has as well,” he said. “Traveling around the country is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us.”

Nick News is now in its 23rd year and is the longest-running kids’ news show in television history.

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