Glenwood Springs January retail sales up 12.3 percent |

Glenwood Springs January retail sales up 12.3 percent

Retail sales activity in Glenwood Springs began the year right where it left off in 2014, with another 12.3 percent increase in the month-over-month comparison with last year, according to the city’s January sales tax report.

The city reported $1.1 million in sales tax collections for January, up from $985,677 collected during the same month in 2014 and reflecting roughly $29.8 million in retail sales for the month.

The monthly increase comes on the heels of a 7.4 percent year-over-year increase in Glenwood sales activity in 2014 compared with 2013. It also continues an upward monthly trend that has stretched over a full 12 months since February 2014.

The city’s special accommodations (lodging) tax also recorded another in a string of positive months dating back 22 months with a 19.4 percent increase this past January, which was also reflected in regular sales taxes collected on overnight stays for the month.

Sales in all of the major retail categories were up during January, including a 21 percent increase in automobile sales and service stations.

Other sales increases by category included apparel/accessories, 18 percent; eating and drinking establishments, 16.5 percent; building materials and supplies, 14.4 percent; miscellaneous retail, 12 percent; food stores, 7.5 percent; and the largest single sales sector, general merchandise, 5.2 percent.

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