Glenwood third-graders organize hair drive for cancer patients |

Glenwood third-graders organize hair drive for cancer patients

Sallee Ann Ruibal

When Michelle Lundin taught a unit on compassion in her literacy class last year, she didn’t know the spark it would ignite in three of her students.

Several families at Glenwood Springs Elementary School had been affected by cancer, said Lundin, a teacher at the school. Her then-second-grade students Allison Algren, Rachael Rubin and Hannah Horch wanted to find a way to show compassion to those members of their community. So in the spring they began organizing a hair drive. On Friday, more than 25 students and other community members came to the school to chop off their locks for the cause.

“Amazing, just amazing,” is how Caroline Rubin, another teacher at the school and Rachael’s mother, described the turnout. “Hair is important to women so it’s awesome that so many turned out.”

Fliers had been sent home to students and a video was shared of the girls cutting Lundin’s and Rubin’s hair. But they didn’t have a sign-up sheet so they didn’t know what to expect Friday.

This past spring, the girls had started encouraging their fellow students to grow out their hair for the donations in the fall. The group chose to donate the hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign because the wigs made from the donated hair are given free to cancer patients, Lundin said.

According to the Pantene website, up to three wigs can be made from the amount of hair donated Friday at the elementary school.

“We wanted to do it so people with no hair wouldn’t be bullied,” Rachael Rubin said on Friday.

After 8 inches were cut from her hair, she couldn’t stop smiling and twirling.

“I am so, so proud of them,” Lundin said.

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