Green Key grants come downvalley |

Green Key grants come downvalley

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Officials in Aspen and Pitkin County recently agreed to approximately $472,000 in “Green Key Grants,” most of which went to upvalley recipients, but $95,000 of which was awarded to organizations between Basalt and Glenwood Springs.

The upvalley recipients included more than $100,000 to the city of Aspen for installation of energy efficient lighting at city-owned Cozy Point Ranch and Aspen Recreation Center, and $150,000 to the city to install solar hot water units at the affordable housing complex at Burlingame.

Downvalley grants included:

• $15,000 to the Roaring Fork Conservancy in Basalt, for energy-efficiency technology in its planned River Center building;

• $25,000 toward installation of solar photovoltaic panels at the new Carbondale Branch of the Garfield County Public Library system;

• $10,000 to Colorado Rocky Mountain School for solar-panel installations;

• Nearly $20,000 to insulate the sanctuary roof at the First Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs, as well as $18,000 to install a photovoltaic system at the church;

• And approximately $7,000 to Sopris Elementary School in Glenwood Springs to install a solar thermal array.

The grants come from Renewable Energy Mitigation Program (REMP) funds, generated through building fees levied by the city of Aspen and Pitkin County.

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