Guest opinion: Laws can’t stop those bent on mayhem |

Guest opinion: Laws can’t stop those bent on mayhem

Richard Teague
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Unfortunately, another Islamic terrorist mass murder has put the Second Amendment, the AR-15 “Armalite Rifle” and the NRA under attack again. The liberals just can’t seem to lay blame where blame is due. Obama is quick to blame the NRA for the mass shootings in this country and thereby imply that all NRA members are murderers. Since liberal politicians fear and hate guns and have almost zero knowledge of what they are talking about, it is easier to try to legislate or ban them out of existence.

Obama won’t say the words “Islamic terrorist” regarding any of these attacks. This administration refuses to prosecute gun violations that are already on the books so that it can claim the laws are not working, therefore, we need more laws. We have liberal politicians screaming for more gun control even when their own FBI and DHS admit that it would not have prevented anything. Their FBI had at least four chances at the Orlando Islamic terrorist, and was given a heads up by the Russians about the Boston Marathon bombers. And in both cases they failed. Miserably.

There is not a law that can be passed that will stop those intent on mayhem, including registration and confiscation. There are too many guns to locate them all, and American gun owners will not roll over and play dead as they did in Australia. There is a law that says it is illegal to murder anyone, by any means — what other laws do we need? Don’t put people on a terrorist watch list or a no fly list. If they are guilty of something put them in jail or on a rowboat back where they came from.

There seems to be some common characteristics associated with these recent mass murders in this country and abroad: Radical Islamic terrorists, radical domestic terrorists and “gun-free zones.” Guns are not even a real common denominator. Terrorists have used bombs, fire, cars, box cutters, airplanes, knives and, yes, guns.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” What part of that is so difficult to understand? Even for an educated liberal. It means what it says.

The modern sporting rifle (AR-15) is not an assault weapon. It just looks “scary” to a whimpering liberals. It is the most popular rifle sold in America today. It is used for self-defense, hunting, target shooting and just plain fun plinking. Its use has been abused, just like Boeing aircraft and fertilizer, but no one is calling for a ban on them. Get tough on criminals, not objects.

The NRA has not been involved in any of these incidents nor has it advocated any actions such as these. The liberals just love to hate us. There has not been a single conservative NRA member involved. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Perhaps the powers that be should do a better job of screening immigrants and liberal Democrats and lay off of veterans and Social Security recipients for a while.

Progressives, because of an unrealistic fear of something they don’t understand, believe that if they designate an area, building, school or airplane a “gun-free zone” that they will forever be safe. Unfortunately, that has proven to be false. Disastrously false. In fact, the exact opposite has been the reality. “Gun-free zones” are only a safe haven for criminals and wackos.

It is interesting that 26 of the Democratic representatives who participated in the sit-in on the House Floor, calling for stricter gun laws, are gun owners according to questionnaires that they answered. It is also interesting that during their sit-in fundraising event they were protected and totally surrounded by Capitol Police who were armed and had access to AR-15s. When asked about this by a reporter, Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., said that was different, that they “deserved,” ah, needed to be protected. Arrogant? Elitist? Hypocrite? You draw your own conclusions.

The Orlando massacre has been called the worst mass shooting is American History. Not correct. On Dec. 29, 1890, the 7th Cavalry went to Wounded Knee, South Dakota, to disarm the Lakota Sioux. The result was more than 150 Native Americans – men, women and children were killed, with more than 50 others wounded, more women and children. Some died later. Google it. While you’re at it, Google the Bonus Army 1933 and Kent State University 1970.

While I am not advocating that we should take up arms against our government, there is certainly precedent for the need to be able to be protected from it.

There were perhaps 20,000 plus legally armed citizen gun owners at the last NRA annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, and not a single incident. In fact, crime was reported to be less in Louisville during that time period.

The legal and law-abiding gun owners in our country possess over 200 million guns and 12 trillion rounds of ammunition. People, if we were the problem you’d know it. There are over 14 million licensed whitetail deer hunters in this country. The standing armed forces in the U.S. is just over 1.5 million.

These are the facts that our progressive “leaders” are afraid of, they can’t control us and, make no mistake, control is what it’s about.

Richard Teague of Carbondale describes himself as a citizen, patriot, Marine and Vietnam vet, proud gun owner and benefactor member of the NRA.

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