Health: Change is for the good |

Health: Change is for the good

Catherine Fenske
Free Press Health Columnist
Catherine Fenske
Staff Photo |

Are you one of the many dear souls who are doing their part in holding the energy and light for the coming of a new humanity? Do you know in your heart that change for the good is inevitable, and yet you are faced with obstacles and frustration at what seems around every corner?

If you have been on the path of healing your heart and doing the work necessary to transcend not only your own pain, but the pain of the collective whole, you know what important work you are doing. And you also probably know the feeling of isolation while doing this work in a world of the many with closed, hardened hearts. You probably even know the urge at times to give up and give in because it feels like a feat that can’t be done.

If you do experience some of these thoughts and emotions, I would like to encourage you to continue on your path even in the midst of chaos, hard times and the media telling us we are pretty much doomed as a species, as a world. I believe that there is a big enough movement going on right now throughout the world that will have us reaching a tipping point. This may have already happened; some say it has.

There are many consciousness-raising people and organizations actively working to bring about positive change in our world and each one has thousands if not millions of participants. They are the visionaries and vision holders, the light workers, the healers, the gurus and teachers who are dedicated to changing the direction of the energy that has been so prevalent for so long. They are people like you and me.

“The very fact that we are trying to heal our hearts in a world where so many have had to bury their hurt is already extraordinary. It may not seem like such a big deal, but when the energy has been moving in another direction for so many generations, it is quite a challenge to turn the tide. We are breaking new inner ground, after all. Recognizing this should translate into giving ourselves a break when we can’t quite get it perfect. It’s a long path back to the receptive heart, one opening at a time.”
~Jeff Brown

The journey might not always be perfect and easy because it is about “breaking new inner ground.” This is ground that hasn’t been explored for most of us in this lifetime. Or it has been explored, and we haven’t always given ourselves credit for the exploration and its findings because we might have doubted the reality of it. After all, “it is a long path back to the receptive heart,” and starting and stalling just might be part of the process.

If this resonates with you at all, I encourage you to give yourself a break and honor the work that you have been doing and continue to do. It is such important work that you have been doing and continue to do. It is such important work for humankind and it will pay off. It may appear that progress is slow, but in the bigger picture outside of time and space, it is happening now. Right now, every ounce of positive, higher energy you put out into the universe is magnified and expanded. Believe in yourself and the results of your effort. Shine your light and help open one receptive heart at a time. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Anything is possible, and there are no limits. In this season of lights, I challenge you to keep one foot in front of the other and know that the journey is worthwhile.

GJ Free Press health columnist Catherine Fenske is the owner of Live With Intention Coaching. She is spiritual counselor/teacher, certified life coach, Reiki master/teacher. Catherine can be reached at 970-640-6987 or email at Visit or her blog at

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