HEALTH: ‘G-Free Diet’ book a great resource |

HEALTH: ‘G-Free Diet’ book a great resource

Angela Wetzel
Free Press Health Columnist

Going gluten-free was a shock to my system but not in a nutritional way. It was a shock to find out so many different things were now not an option for me and I wanted a way to find ways to live normally.

Most of what I read had, honestly, depressed me and I wanted to read something that would be encouraging. I happened to see that Elisabeth Hasselbeck had written a book called “The G-Free Diet.” Normally, I don’t read celebrity books but after reading the reviews, I decided to invest in the book.

For those of you who are wondering why Hasselbeck is so important, here is the scoop. Hasselbeck was on the CBS show “Survivor” which launched her into stardom and a career on “The View.” She recently picked up a gig on Fox News and that show launches soon. Hasselbeck also has celiac disease and is very outspoken on gluten-free living and has written several books, some of which are cookbooks.

I started reading and immediately felt like she knew EXACTLY how I was feeling, but that’s not where it ended. Hasselbeck’s book chronicles her journey and goes into detail on different topics like dining out, eating at friends’ homes, and also how to set up your gluten-free kitchen. There were chapters on traveling gluten-free, how to work with gluten-free kids, and even tips on what make up, lotions and other health care products were safe.

The biggest things I took away from the book was to “be my own advocate.” You see, having celiac disease doesn’t mean to just eliminate wheat, barley and rye from my diet, it means having to constantly be aware of what I eat and what other people eat. It means asking lots of questions when I go out to eat and when I eat at my friend’s homes, because that is what is safest for me and for my life. Knowing that a celebrity has had to do these things, helped me feel better about the lifestyle I needed to live.

If you are going to go gluten-free because of celiac, a gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy, this is a great book to help you get started, to encourage you, and to help you on your journey.

Angela Wetzel has celiac disease and is president of Gluten Free Grand Valley, a support group for those with celiac disease and wheat allergies. Contact her at or visit Gluten Free Grand Valley on Facebook.

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