HEALTH: Move your body for maximum health benefits

Nick Sechrist
Free Press Health Columnist


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If you had to drink water from your choice of a raging river, versus a stagnant pond, which would you choose? You would choose the river right? It is more vital — life-giving. When we apply “movement” to the workings of our human body, it becomes downright fascinating.

First of all, it is apparent that our bodies are designed for motion. Think of a day where you felt your best. My wager is that you weren’t sitting for most of that day, you were probably up and moving around, enjoying life. Let’s explore this more.

In every joint of our body, there are movement receptors. The densest location of these movement receptors is within the joints of our spine. Our spine is the center of all movement and activity in our body. What’s now understood is that these movement receptors are linked to some of the most vital centers of our brains. They are directly linked to the centers that control our immune system, digestive system, centers for learning, attention and memory, and balance and coordination. Furthermore, when those movement receptors are stimulated, they act as depression suppressors and also can inhibit “pain traffic” from flowing!

Since our spine is the center of all movement and activity in our body, it is also subject to all the stressors we’ve experienced. Whether it is accumulated physical, emotional or environmental stress, or a combination of the three over our lifetime, the fact of the matter is stress creates tension. Increased tension decreases motion. Decreased motion causes stagnation. A vicious cycle is birthed. It’s like rigor mortis setting in when we’re alive. When that happens, those receptors do not get stimulated as well. Over time we suffer the health consequences.

In other words, we are wired for healthy joint movement. We’re not saying to stop watching TV and go become an ultra-marathon runner (unless you have a burning desire to do so), but more like walk for 30 minutes a day on most days of the week and reap numerous health benefits from that alone! Eating more vibrant foods and thinking more vibrant thoughts are important as well, and are topics for future articles.

Stressing the importance of moving our entire bodies and ensuring those specific joints in our bodies are moving well, especially the vitally important spinal joints, I implore you to visit a chiropractor. Remember, those movement receptors are in all the joints of our bodies, ESPECIALLY and in the densest arrangement, in our spine. And, they just so happen to positively influence so many aspects of our life experience.

Don’t subject yourself to a life of stagnation. Choose healthy motion, globally and specifically within the joints of your spine. Get adjusted and start enjoying and living a more vibrant LIFE!

Nick Sechrist, doctor of chiropractic, has joined the practice at Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions. Reach him at 970-256-8449.

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