Helping out the real superstars |

Helping out the real superstars

Teachers are the superstars of this country — not, athletes, actors or musicians. When it comes to putting our money where our mouths are, I am endlessly irritated that teachers aren’t the ones getting corporate endorsements. Because there’s simply no money in any public school budget to afford my services, I’ve decided to give it to them for free. This month, just in time for school, I’m launching “2 for Teachers,” a scholarship program designed to work one-on-one with public school teachers from across the country. Every month of the school year, I’ll donate my services to two public school teachers, no matter where they live. No strings attached.

I’m a strategies consultant, so when I put effort into something I try to leverage my results. This year I published a book about conscious consumerism, with an emphasis on how to simplify our stuff and get organized. I could have just slapped it up on Amazon and called it good. Instead, I’m trying to support a movement driving awareness to the sustainability of our species on this planet. To leverage that effort, I’m focusing my message on the people with the most potential for positive and lasting impact: teachers.

“ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life and Save the World” has always been about inspiring American families to thrive with less. At its core, my message is about empowering people to shed their excess, and experience the world through a new lens that values sustainability and harmony over profit margins. This isn’t about book sales. I do this work to illuminate the reality of consumerism in this country and help remind families what matters most, and that is: who we love, what we do, how, and why we live. Because everything else is just stuff.

If you think about it, teachers really are my target audience. Most of them are parents with their own families. Most of them understand the urgency to inspire kids with an environmental ethic and a global sense of community. All of them have tremendous influence over tomorrow’s generation of conscious consumers, compassionate leaders and responsible stewards of this planet. In my estimation, nothing will save the world faster than empowering teachers to help kids simplify, stay organized and innovate for a better future. Teachers are truly a gold mine of exponential reach, and that’s my bottom line.

As a former seventh grade social studies teacher, with a master’s degree focused in experiential education and curriculum development, I am prepared to assist teachers in a wide variety of ways that mirror all areas of my professional practice, including: organization, operational systems, time and task management, content creation, and professional networking. Working via Skype, telephone, and onsite when possible, my streamlined services are designed to help people get rid of the excess, leverage available resources, and focus their effort with strategic resolve.

If you or someone you know is a public school teacher and could use a little help getting organized, I invite you to reach out to me personally. After less than a week announcing the program, there is already a waitlist — but I will do my best to serve everyone quickly. When possible, I’ll get to more than two teachers every month, so the wait may not be all that long. If a group of teachers from the same school want to get together, I can work with multiple teachers at a time. Again, it’s totally free. Those who sign up can expect hyper-focused, laser sharp consulting on their unique issues and challenges. All participants will receive a complimentary hour, working directly with me.

“2 for Teachers” is about supporting those who make the biggest difference. Join me in donating your goods and services to their cause, and make it your own. Join the Revolution and you’ll be doing your part to save the world.

Evan Zislis is founder and principal consultant of, delivering hands-on organizational solutions and strategies consulting for households, businesses, students, and life transitions. His bestselling book, ClutterFree Revolution is available on Amazon. For more information about simplifying your stuff and organizing your life, like ClutterFree Revolution on Facebook, call 970.366.2532, or email

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